My First Internet Meme

originally published on 08 November 2014

Anyone who has been on a social networking site probably has seen an internet meme of some kind on probably a daily basis.

Some are amusing, some are offensive, some are clever. I don’t know which camp this one falls into. It was inspired by my husband Travis earlier tonight. We were watching Hulu Plus, and he kept griping about the toothpaste commercials. We have had Netflix for almost 4 years, and he almost never watches broadcast television or Hulu.

I coined the term earlier this evening as a way to subtly tease him. It then struck me: I have never seen this an Internet meme, so I created one.

The model is my husbear Travis, the one and only hater of the toothpaste commercials I mentioned earlier. This was a photo I had taken during the “Research Suggests” series photo shoots and never used. Hope you enjoy.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear

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