A Bitch In Business

Welcome back everyone. This is yet another of a weekly series I post here and on LinkedIn in regards to media and technology trends.

This one has the added effect of dealing with current business culture. It is a parody of Meghan Trainor’s hit “All About That Bass”, about a woman being a “bitch”. I take offense to that word immensely. The woman here has every right to use it. But in my reality, there is only one bitch in my life, my pug Gypsy, and many would have a hard time even getting to her level of class.

(For the record, Gypsy has appeared in a great many of my pro-bono pieces, everything from AIDS outreach to health and wellness programs.)

Identity politics are a very strange beast indeed. Is this label due to someone else’s worldview (as suggested here), or is it a way to take back power?

Being a douchebag, asshole or bitch isn’t a desirable quality in anyone in business. It’s bad business regardless of gender. It is only traditional because we, as employees, allow it to happen. It is only traditional because employees do not press their Human Resource departments to rectify issues and keep the workplace drama free.

Most telling though is the environment. As I struggle though my own business start up this year, I have had the extreme pleasure of not having to deal with people as the woman has had to here. But then, my business model is not built on a system where there are winners and losers.

This type of behavior is only traditional because many people either have been told this is the way it is supposed to go, or secretly, they are just like the people they despise. There is no taking the high road here, because possibly in the environment the woman discusses here, there is only one road available.

Something to think about.

Love to you all.

Ben “Bear” Brown Jr.

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