A New Type of Cult Film (w/video)

originally published 15 September 2014

This version has no talking head narration. Simply text and music, which is the way it was originally written for treatment in the short film format.

You will never look at classic rock the same way again. Documenting a long lost 1970s rock tradition of artist fandom, previously never before categorized. Tongue planted firmly in cheek. Technically, an educational short film.

Sorta like what the Lomax family did with the Smithsonian and old blues and folk artists. Sorta.

Some language may be unsuitable for a general audience. Discretion advised.
Visit online at www.aceofspadespdx.com

All music performed by motherfuckin’ Blue Oyster Cult, the greatest leather and biker band ever.

Enjoy. Track and segment listing is as follows:

Introduction. 0.00
Track: Transmaniacon MC

Rule 1: Band with a Two Word Name 1:12
Track: Subhuman

Rule 2: In the Fuckin’ Middle 1:50
Track: The Vigil

Rule 3: Frontman and the Fuckin’ Band 2:17
Track: Burnin’ for You

Rule 4: The Fuckin’ Frontman Band 3:22
Track: Baby Ice Dog

Rule 5: Fuckin’ Man 3:50
Track: Mommy

Rule 6: The, Then Fuckin’ 4:43
Track: Mistress of the Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl)

Rule 7: Superstar Combo 5:07
Track: (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
NOTE: Solo only, with NO COWBELL

Rule 8: Superstar Fuckin’ Multi-Combo 5:40
Track: Godzilla

Rule 9: Fuckin’ First, Man 6:09
Track: Black Blade

Exception Rules Section 6:43

Rule 10: Fuckin’ Splice 6:49
Track: Tattoo Vampire

Rule 11: The B.O.C. Rule 7:24
Track: The Marshall Plan

Rule 12: The Awesome Rule 9:04
Track: Cities on Flame (live)

End Credits. 9:39
Track: Hot Rails to Hell

A message from your host (narrated with cameo). 12:04
Track: Dominance and Submission

Love to you all.

Ben Bear

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