A Trip to the Face-To-Face (w/video)

originally published on 22 October 2014

Well, today was the face-to-face with the potential new employer. Believe me, freelancing in Portland has been incredibly difficult.

I was very impressed with the company, and the people who were representing the comapny were classy, nice and honest. It is a breath of fresh air. Of course, I am replaying the events way too much, and wondering if I made a good enough impression myself. Of course I left out some of the more sordid details of some of my clients dealings, like why it took two weeks to get color properly on one poster. (The client was a marijuana advocate, was constantly stoned, and I got the final sign off at Inverness Jail after he got picked up for possession. Gotta love it…)

The best part of the trip was the trip itself for me. Hubby Travis drove me and Gypsy pug came along (she LOVES to go for a ride, and this was a two hour trip each way).

 The stereo in his car is on the fritz, so, I got my Bluetooth JBL speaker, put on an internet radio station and had a great time listening to classic R&B and Soul. The clip here is one of three shorties I took of us during different parts of the trip. You can see all three and a very special one of Gypsy pug yawning as she waits for Daddy to get done with his interview by clicking the link here.

 Love to you all.

 Ben Bear

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