Welcome to the crazy and the unexpected.

A brief history.

Here are the three key things you may wish to know about me:

1. All of this info is included on my LinkedIn Account.
2. View my online portfolio at https://www.aospdx.com/rogues-gallery/.
3. My most popular online digital content is available at https://aceofspadespdx.blubrry.net/.

The latter is the a 2021 Communicator Awards winner (Distinction) for Best Branded Series.

The Nitty Gritty: I'm a media professional, was a Training Specialist for a large E-Commerce company, digital content creator and project manager, with work that has been utilized by numerous for-profit and non-profit organizations. One of the projects people review most are my WordPress website and e-commerce builds, which utilize a great many of my talents. I also train people on how to properly use them, and occasionally will write articles technical articles that demystify software programs for ease of use and offer real-world solutions. I am also often tasked on special projects, such as website UI/UX, building social media engagement, creating unique retail-and production-oriented catalogues as well as more technical process guides for e-commerce production.

Prior to the work experience in my CV: Biotech/Pharmaceutical field in San Diego for 10 years in manufacturing planning, worldwide logistics, inventory management and FDA compliance/training.

More Details: In addition to website design, graphic design, photography, illustration and writing, I have also been the recipient of numerous accolades and awards for his service to community-based projects and endeavors, and has over 25 years of of combined retail, professional office and non-profit management experience, dealing with events as small as bar fundraisers to multi-day festivals and managing Oregon's largest parade.

My audio program encompasses many of my talents and some newer, self-taught ones. I am not only the host, but the producer, researcher, writer and even the audio engineer. Annually, I am proud to be a program producer for online International Jazz Day events in association with UNESCO.

Software Proficiency: Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Creative Suite 6 for Mac and PC, particularly InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Audition and some work in Premier; MS Office, Mac and PC/Windows 10 and even Microsoft Publisher.

Besides Here: My work has been featured in two different retrospectives over the last ten years entitled Tangible Vandalism 1 and 2.

Why Ace of Spades? On my right shoulder is an ace of spades tattoo.

If you're brave enough, please feel free to use our contact form to ask more about Ace of Spades PDX.

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