An Amazing Work Update

Children of the revolution, a few words about smoking, doing the things that matter, being grateful and achieving the impossible.

The Impossible:

Reached a milestone today at work that no one else and no team had done in 4 1/2 years. There is still some minor editing and review to finish, but here we are.

Some said it couldn’t be done, because it hadn’t been done in that time frame before I took it over, or done this well. I pretty much worked on this solo with the exception of some feedback once a week for the last 5 weeks, in two hour weekly meetings.

This has been my #1 project, directed from way up high the chain of command to accomplish. Best yet, I did it 4 1/2 months. Also beat my own deadline by a week. I am still trying to unwind from the last stretch of work today, 8 straight hours, non-stop, in a zone that no one could reach.

Was told two weeks ago that management was not ready for me to work this hard or this well or get to this point so quickly, especially since I knew very little about this part of our business and was having to use equipment and programs that often times were less than optimal.

On doing the right things:

This project directly affects people in our over 50+ locations and our bottom line immensely, which funds our numerous free community programs, all without using exploitive means and going green in an amazing way.

Still got lots of other work done, including redesigning and reformatting my Boss’s biggest annual presentations to new supervisors and existing store managers. Yes, I have a vested interest in anyone doing well, especially if I can help. Even the woman who runs the training programs was over the moon how well it went off this year. Happy my boss was open and receptive to positive feedback. He really did kick ass with this one.

On smoking:

I had originally planned to stop smoking once I reached this moment. Decided to quit much earlier. That was six weeks ago today. I finally stopped a 38 year habit.

On being grateful:

2019 really has been full of surprises. Can’t wait for more to come. Thank you all for sharing in my joy today. A special shout out to those who have always been there, namely Travis, Baby Boy Ron and Gypsy Pug. These three are love, which is the force behind my power.

Nice to know I can still blow minds at 50 years of age.

Love to you all.

Daddy Ben “Bear” Brown Jr.

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