Be Careful What You Wish For, Part 2

And the fun hasn't stopped!

From Friday, 27 July 2018:

So, the all night coffee shop closed from 3 to 5, sorry for the inconvenience read the sign. Couldn't jack into Beaverton Central Library's server, so went home, slept an hour, prepped files and went to the Fred Meyer on TV Hwy in Hillsboro. Success! However, no furniture to sit on due to painters. Crouched down on the curb and worked on the sidewalk. Got critical items up.

You should have seen me walking to work from the Fred Meyer. I was crouched like that for a half an hour, and my leg went to sleep, so I am dragging it across the parking lot like the Walking Dead.

I received some truly awesome encouragement from another manager at work who looked over my resume and especially the resume poster, which she really flipped for. Nice to know I can still blow people out of the water with my design work.

The interview was tough, but well worth it. I am currently uncertain I would taker the position if it was offered to me. Yes, I check off all the boxes, but I am too easily bored to just go to a job where I check off all the boxes. As I told the interviewers, I took this job to learn more about the functioning of an e-commerce business from the procurement, listing, shipping and warehousing side to assist me with clients when I build their sites. Yes, almost being 50 and still wanting to be challenged, it's a very rare thing it seems.

From yesterday:

This morning I did something really old fashioned: instead of sending an e-mail thanking the two people who interviewed me last week, I wrote thank you cards. They are both of Claude Monet, and just thought a personal touch would be nice. Because reasons.

Currently at the Beaverton City Library as I write this, continuing to arm this fully functional battle station...this story isn't over, not by a long shot.

Love to you all.

Daddy Ben Bear

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