Big Rewards Entail Big Risks

Made into Denver this afternoon. Currently, I am waiting for a friend to come pick me up after his shift at work. His birthday is this Saturday, and I hope it is a great one for him.

Starting Monday, I am going to be hitting and re-hitting job opportunities for the next two to three weeks. My plan: To go back to Portland and tell hubby and the baby pug I got a job, and then plan the move east to Denver.

How that logisitcally will work out is actually something we look forward to. It may not be that easy or simple, but knowing what lies for us on the other end of this rainbow will be worth the effort.

Coming here with little money and no interviews lined up yet is a huge risk, and I know that. Is it possible I might not find a suitable job to take care of my family? Yes. Is it possible I might find a position or multiple freelance positions somewhere here? Also yes.

There are no great rewards without great risks. And for those who know me, I can be an all-or-nothing Ben Bear. If life is short and uncertain, then that alone tells me it isn’t a gamble, but something that needs to happen. Sitting around hoping the economy gets better in my hometown or bitching at elected officials will easily get you nowhere.

 Fortune favors the brave. Let us also hope it favors the crazy.

 Love to you all.

 Ben Bear

 (Photo: That is me looking tired in the foreground, and Denver Airport as my background.) 

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