Blacklight Voter Poster Series (w/audio)

Compiled from a series of blog posts from the last week of July 2014. Click on images to enlarge. Audio at bottom.

Welcome to what may be the world’s first ever Blacklight Voter Poster Series. If the Impressionists painted “with light”, then Blacklight pieces are created “because of light”.

Today’s Entry: “Vote Sister, Traditional Version”. Yes, a blacklight poster is far from traditional, but for the most part it is kinda red, white and blue. Kinda. And, for the record, this poster was influenced by and is dedicated to my sash wife, Ms. Oregon State Leather 2007, Coral Mallow, our very own woman of wonder…

I am releasing a different poster each day of the week today and the next 5 days (through Friday, August 1st, 2014). Help me Tweet, Pin on Pinterest, tell a story on Google+ or Facebook and let us celebrate on what may the single greatest freedom we have: CHOICE.

Don’t own a blacklight? That bug zapper on your back porch is one. Now you know.


Welcome back one and all.

 Today’s poster has been given the name “VOTE Button”, and it is pretty obvious to see why. I had teased this same image without text about two weeks ago when discussing the poster series in online boards and posts.

I added text, which will glow under blacklight tremendously, to bring home a point: Your vote is your attempt at doing your own thinking. Of course we are swayed by emotional arguments, our own baggage, etc. We would not be who we are without it. Voting is a means to take part in our own destiny.

In the words of Canadian rock band Rush: “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” (1) I include this because I know of at least one of you who thinks having “2112” vanity plates may be the single greatest thing ever. For all we know, one day, it might be.

(1) Lyrics to “Freewill”. Track 2, Side 1, Permanent Waves, 1980, Mercury/Universal. Written by Geddy/Lee/Lifeson


Hump day in the blacklight voter poster series.

 And another image here for the “Uncle Sam” poster that some of you have seen over the past month. Used on the 4th of July and in “Thank you for the Add” images over the last month as a teaser. Subliminal advertising? You be the judge.

Over the weekend, I will be re-sizing these posters to a tabloid (11 inches by 17 inches) for those who wish to have a poster that you can have printed at your local copy/office supply store for less than two bucks. As I have said before, anyone who truly wants copies of my work should not be priced out of it.


We are now up to day 4 in the series. This piece, “Vote Sister Electro”, is the companion piece to the original “Vote Sister Traditional” piece launched on Monday.

Oddly, this one is more “traditional” in the sense of of the wild, almost (OK, it is) garish and gaudy posters of the original Blacklight era. Some slight variation on the typography as well.

The original title of this piece was: “Right On! Vote Sister Electro Synthesis Psychedelic Audio-Occular Far Out Happening Trip in a 19th Amendment Explosion Free Angela Groovy Kind of Thing”. So now you know.

One more to go, which will also be the subject of my next YouTube video. It will demonstrate the process on how I come up with this crazy shit. I bet “Tales from the Darkside” could use it as a mini-series…


And then there was one.

 Welcome to the fifth and final day of the Blacklight Voter Poster Series. I saved the best, IMHO, for the last.

 It has taken me approximately two weeks to come up with the concept and execution of this poster. It does look radically different than the others, which are more in line with the gaudy and crudely drawn style of the original blacklight era.

The only thing I carried forward from the original era was the love of designers to utilize the zodiac as a subject or theme. When viewed under blacklight, all of the tiny little stars and the zodiac symbols themselves will glow brilliantly.

Additionally, this poster has subtle, more designed features upon closer inspection, such as actual star constellations in each of the zodiac symbols, which will give off their own unique color when viewed under blacklight.

 A blacklight poster for a new era? As always, you be the judge.

Thank you for coming along for the ride. Between this and looking for a new job, it has been busy. But good busy. Would love to be busier.


And the tale can now be told: How Marilyn McCoo of the 5th Dimension and Solid Gold fame came to be a driving factor in the creation of this series.

You will never get these almost 8 minutes back again. Proceed with caution.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear

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