Blogs 'N' Sods #10: Revenge of the Nighttime Soap (w/video)

The season premier of season 4 of the Revenge TV series is this Sunday, September 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. (You can catch the first three seasons on DVD or at Netflix). In 2011, Revenge marked the return of the fabulously trashy major network nighttime soap opera.

 Season 1 was the set up. Season 2 was the backstory. Season 3 was the build up. And now, finally, all hell is about to break loose in the Hamptons.

 It seems at times to be the Dynasty of the 2010’s: breathtaking locations, huge homes, expensive cars, designer clothes, extravagant dinner parties, gay characters, annoying Brits, well-heeled catty women and actors so in shape you would swear casting calls were done at Chippendale’s and Victoria’s Secret. In fact, only one middle aged man with a gut exists (a policeman, of course). It is the women that drive this show, and the two leads, Emily VanCamp (the young blonde out for revenge) and Madeline Stowe (the raven haired matriarch) are about about to throw down for control of the litter box.

This series has everything a soap opera should have plot-wise: sham marriages, fake pregnancies, constant backstabbing, mysterious deaths, people thought long dead still alive, murder, blackmail, terrible musical guests, ridiculous cliffhangers and best of all, a false imprisonment to a mental institution.

The clip featured here is from the season 3 finale, and VanCamp and Stowe are just simply marvelous respectively doing their best Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, of course with a music score right out of an early 1960’s B-rated psychodrama. It may be the best two minutes of television I have seen in recent memory.

In a world filled with bottom-feeding reality shows and gritty crime dramas, it is nice to see something take a little bit from both worlds and meld them into something just mindless and fun; true “popcorn” TV watching.

What makes the show work is that is knows what it is, and what it isn’t. Deep down inside, we all want to see the good guy win and the rich, wicked and powerful suffer. The show’s best asset is that it has more humor in it than most shows of this ilk would admit. It is a testament to the actors that they are not doubling over at the downright corniness of it all. I am certain there are some great blooper reels somewhere.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear

Clip courtesy of ABC television

originally posted 26 September 2014

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