Blogs 'N' Sods #15: Wand-ering Wikis

originally published on 05 October 2014

Admit it, you probably use Wikipedia at least once a week. I mean, how could you not?

The insanely popular encyclopedic website didn’t have to adapt their model. But, they did. Much like what I have done to my site twice this year, the good folks at Wikipedia have given their site a graphic design makeover. Let me tell you, they have done a superb job.

Currently available only for the Chrome Browser, Wikipedia has introduced the “Wiki Wand”. The browswer is free, as is the app. (Again, for the record, I do not get paid by Google for supporting their products. I am a decades long user of Apple products, and have a Windows laptop as well. Native browser apps for each of the platforms just cannot keep up in terms of what Google is offering.)


Wikipedia layouts are now like magazines or books. Just look at the difference in the landing pages when I type in “Tina Tuner”. There are so many truly new and awesome features, including a photo browser and overall page settings to suit your taste . I am not going to spoil the suprise with the print box, but it is a true winner in terms of what is available for websites of this type.

Another stunner from Google and their app developers. It illustrates one basic concept: no matter how good you think your site is, a graphic design makeover, especially one that focuses on user feedback and ease of use, will always set you apart.

You can get this free app by clicking the link here.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear

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