Blogs 'N' Sods #16: TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE (w/video)

originally posted 07 October 2014

This may be only one of two Blogs ‘N’ Sods entries ever that deal with something that not is only totally free, it is a natural phenomenon.

Tonight, at approximately 03:55 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, is the time I will make the moon disappear, said using my best maniacal laugh derived from years of Vincent Price films. For those of you not in Oregon, you can check to see what the phenomenon will look like in your neck of the woods by clicking the link here.

Photographic tips: the good folks at the Digital Photography School have given us a handy tutorial for those interested. It is available by clicking the link here.

 This is a rare opportunity for those photographically inclined to document this occurrence, instead of the crappy Photoshop things you try to pass off. Just sayin’, bro…

 Notice I said one of two natural phenomenon. Details on something during the day in a another post, and details will be revealed soon, as it happens in just a couple of weeks.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear

 Video clip courtesy of your tax dollars from the good folks at NASA. 

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