Blogs 'n' Sods #3: National Geographic Website

Originally posted 22 August 2014. Click on image to enlarge for detail.

It is time to reveal several things today that I totally geek out about: great writing, great photography and great science.

National Geographic, simply put, is in a league of its own, and always has been. You know the magazine well: even decades old publications are collectable, in awesome shape (much of this due to the way it is printed on a rotogravure press), beautiful and insightful.

Because of it’s reputation as a print publication, it seems that far too many do not know its online presence. And that may be the biggest shame.

Everything you love, but in digital format: stories, amazing photography, maps, etc. There are even free wallpapers to download, fun projects for families, and, most geeky of all, a section on photography tips and tricks for the layman.

The picture here is a Portuguese Man-Of-War, photographed by Aaron Ansarov, and it is so unusual an image it is hard to believe it isn’t an illustration.

I could keep going on, but then you would be missing what this site has to offer. Visit them online at: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ 

Love to you all. Happy Friday.

Ben Bear

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