Building the Dragon

Welcome back one and all.

In the last couple of days, I have been given the task to create not one, but several WordPress sites. I have been horribly underemployed/unemployed, and I love to work, so understand that when Daddy Ben Bear is working, Daddy Ben Bear is happy. (Dontcha love how I refer to myself in the third person like James Brown?)

I won’t spill the beans on the very large second project yet, but I am gonna hip you to what I am working on right now. My ex-wife (more on that another time) Coral is now living in Scotland with her recently wed husband. She is working on a Master’s program in art there. She literally was in tears when I reached out to her, as the school was considering would not take her without having a website portfolio first (my, how things have changed since I was in design school), and she was flat broke, so of course I designed a boffo site on an easy-to-use internet platform for free. She was accepted, and all was right with the world for a brief time. (Yes, even I am not immune to helping out a woman in distress…)

Now, we are kicking it up a notch. I am slowly, manually, moving her content over to a WordPress site, hosting it myself, and building her an online store in WordPress. She likes dragons. A lot. So, as part of the customization build, I am designing some buttons for her site. Will have more later, but these are the first two in raw form.  dragon1

You can visit her site at http://www.coralmallow.com. She’s an awesome artist, and yes, I am doing it at cost. Seeing her succeed and focus on the important things, like being Coral, spending quality time with her hubby and becoming a better artist is absolutely wonderful.

Love to you all!

Ben Bear

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    SBO - March 5, 2015

    That Cool!! Thank you so much.

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