By The Numbers (60 mins. of music) #stem

The basis of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) is numbers.

"It's called illusions of grandeur. Every musician wants to be big." – Rick James

In this program, I am going to speak to a topic rarely ever discussed in a primarily music based anthology program: STEM, which is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

STEM, coined first in the state of Texas 20 years ago, has become an incredibly hot topic among those in education fields. The theory works something like this: instead of viewing these topics as individual and separate from an overall curriculum of education, STEM should be viewed as an integral part of the goal. Speaking from personal experience, my chosen field is primarily in arts and communication. Without a doubt I can honestly say that STEM is an everyday, important and vital part of what I do. This has been no more evident than with the rise of the internet and our society’s dependence on it, something that was very new when I went to college many moons ago.

Rick James, photo courtesy of Motown/UMG. Photographer unknown, circa early 1980's.

At its very core, STEM has its basis in one thing: numbers. Spend an hour listening to a wide ranging group of artists that have to something to say about this subject in their own, unique way.

Our tracks this week: Title, Artist

First Part
1. She Blew My Mind (69 Times), Rick James
2. Two Lovers, Mary Wells
3. Five to One, The Doors
4. Eight Men, Four Women, O.V. Smith
5. The Magnificent Seven, The Clash
6. Two Glasses, Joe, Ernest Tubb
7. We Are 138, The Misfits
8. The 6-Teens, Sweet

Second Part
9. 98.6, Keith
10. Just One of Those ThingsElla Fitzgerald
11. Love Minus Zero/No Limit, Bob Dylan
12. Twenty-Five Miles, Edwin Starr
13. At Seventeen, Janis Ian
14. Eighteen With a Bullet, Pete Wingfield
15. Knock Three Times, Dawn
16. ’39, Queen

17. 19, Paul Hardcastle

Download this program by clicking this link.

Love to you all. 

Ben "Bear" Brown Jr., owner
Ace of Spades PDX

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