The Chemical Brothers (2 hours of music) #electronica

30 years into the game, the electronic duo from Manchester still surprises.

“The music’s the best bit of us. Have the music! You don’t want us trying to sell you a phone.” – Tom Rowlands

The Chemical Brothers are a two recording and performing DJ’s from Manchester, England, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simmons. They started their professional DJ career in 1989, but did not release their first album until 1995, six years after their formation. They originally called themselves the Dust Brothers, but had to change their name when it was discovered their was already a production and DJ’ing duo with that name.

They were pioneers in the electronic music revolution of the mid-1990’s, most notably in the field called Big Beat, which relies heavily on loops made from synthesizers (as opposed to vintage R&B drum samples) and something called breakbeats, which contains sections of “breaks”, much like musical bridges between choruses in traditional Pop songs.

The Chemical Brothers in 1995 at a live DJ performance in Belfast, Northern Ireland. (l-r) Ed Simmons and Tom Rowlands. Photographer unknown.

Among their contemporaries, The Chemical Brothers have been the most successful of all of the Big Beat groups, and are still a viable recording unit and touring as I write this. What has set them apart from others in the genre, and what has contributed to their longevity, is that they treat their live shows like a regular touring rock band, changing set lists nightly and performing many mixes live. They have also branched out from the Big Beat sound to incorporate House, older techno styles and Hip Hop to keep their sound fresh.

Just last January, the Chemical Brothers have stated that their ninth album of original material will be released this year. Typically, they will perform tracks to gauge audience interest prior on tour, which is something they have done with their white label DJ only promos entitled Electronic Battle Weapon with a number attached to them to designate their sequential order.

Our tracks this week: Title, Source, Year. Each hour is presented in a continuous format.

First Hour
1. Hey Boy Hey Girl, Surrender, 1999
2. Setting Sun, Dig Your Own Hole, 1997
3. This Is Not A Game (featuring Miguel), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 2014
4. Electronic Battle Weapon 5 (It Began In Afrika), DJ promo disc, 2001
5. Go (featuring Q-Tip), Born In The Echoes, 2015
6. The Salmon Dance (featuring Fatlip), We Are The Night, 2007
7. Electronic Battle Weapon 7 (Acid Children), DJ promo disc, 2004
8. Leave Home, Exit Planet Dust, 1995
9. The Golden Path (featuring The Flaming Lips), Brotherhood, 2008
10. Believe, Push The Button, 2005

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Second Hour
1. Galvanize, Push The Button, 2005
2. I'll See You There, Born In The Echoes, 2015
3. Brother's Gonna Work It Out, 1998 (Artist Remixed)

  • Brother’s Gonna Work It Out (Willie Hutch)
  • Not Another Drugstore/Planet Nine Mix (The Chemical Brothers featuring Justin Warfield)
  • Block Rockin' Beats/The Micronauts Mix (The Chemical Brothers)
  • This Ain't Chicago (On The House)
  • It's Just Begun (The Jimmy Castor Bunch)

4. Dissolve, Further, 2010
5. Life Is Sweet, Exit Planet Dust, 1995
6. Galaxy Bounce, Tomb Raider Motion Picture Soundtrack, 2001
7. Keeping My Composure (Featuring Spank Rock), Heroes Television Soundtrack, 2008
8. The Devil Is In The Beats, Hanna Motion Picture Soundtrack, 2011
9. Block Rockin' Beats, Dig Your Own Hole, 1997
10. C-H-E-M-I-C-A-L, single only release, 2016
11. All Rights Reversed (Feat. Klaxons), We Are The Night, 2007

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Love to you all.

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