Client Update: Friends of Dave McCall #electionday

The moment of truth is here: can a progressive candidate, formerly Republican, now running as a Democrat in his first ever election, win in a semi-rural area outside of large metro area?

If ever the phrase “sweat equity” comes to mind, it has to be for my client Dave McCall. He is a former Republican and Independent now running as a Democrat in Oregon House District 25, which is a semi-rural area in the central valley of Oregon.

Dave’s most recent platform video.

Since my last update about Dave (link here), he has been out shaking the hands and kissing the babies, to use old political candidate parlance. He has also been winning over many groups here in Oregon with his platform, including Planned Parenthood, the Oregon Black Caucus, the Sierra Club and even one from the editorial board Yamhill Valley News-Register, a conservative paper publishing in Oregon since the 19th century, over his incumbent opponent, Bill Post. You can see his many endorsements on his website by linking here.

Planned Parenthood is one of the many organizations that has endorsed Dave McCall.

Dave has also made the circuit of television cable access programs and community meetings, including meeting with the public on the topic of mental health services at the McMinnville public library. Proving that we are all in this together, he even has supported other Democrats in other districts here in Oregon that are underrepresented, like Oregon House District 20.

Dave at “Get Out The Vote” for our neighbors in HD District 20, pictured here with U.S. Congressman Kurt Schrader (who is standing next to Dave on the right in this photo).

Dave and I don’t agree on on everything. Nor are either of us single-issue voters, like voting for someone who wants to restrict family planning services to women. That isn’t what the democratic process is supposed to be about. It is supposed to be about finding a common ground that benefits the majority of the people in the best way possible. This is why I chose, as a Green Party member and Democratic Socialist, to say yes over 14 months ago to Dave when he was considering running for office.

Dave speaking to a group of Marion County Democrats last week.

Full disclosure: How much have I been paid for building Dave’s website, being his graphic designer and being his webmaster for this period of time? $600.00 USD. This is money he paid out of his own pocket to see a change in the way things are done. Additionally, according to a story in the Salem Statesman-Journal (link here), the vast majority of the money used to run his campaign has been out of his own pocket, unlike his opponent, who has received money from out-of-state pharmaceutical companies like Monsanto.

Dave’s most recent radio ad.

Dave is putting his money and his time where his mouth is. And that, dear readers, is why I am rooting for his victory today. 

Get your ass off the couch and vote if you haven’t already.

Love to you all.

Ben Brown Jr., owner

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