Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Originally posted on 20 June 2014. Image courtesy of Capitol Records. Click on image to enlarge.

Happy 72nd Birthday Brian Wilson! You are loved. Never forget that.

Now, on to the strangely serious nature of this post.

Where the hell are Mulder and Scully when YOU TRULY NEED THEM.

 Today marks the last day of spring, and in leap years, the first day of summer.

Don’t you think it is odd that the man who practically invented the idea of “California” and is a founding member of the group of people who practically own the word “Summer” was born today?

Some things are just beyond pure coincidence. If you don’t believe me, how can you not only explain away the above fact, but the following:

  • The Beach Boys are considered “America’s Band”.
  • The Beach Boys first number one single, “I Get Around” hit that position on July 4th, 1964.

Like I said, some things are beyond coincidence. And no, I do not live in my mother’s basement.

Think about it. Then, enjoy my new Easter Egg, a quickly assembled montage of images set to “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” from Pet Sounds in a glorious mono mix here.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear

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