Dogs and Depression (Free Download)

Revisiting a wellness poster that featured Gypsy girl, our pug who died last month. #pugs #servicedogs #wellness #mentalhealth

I never wanted to have to write this post, but knew one day I may have to.

Gypsy Pug, our 16 year old dog, has left this mortal coil. She was also a legal service dog, my husband Travis’ emotional support animal. To say we are devastated is the understatement of the year.

This was part of a series of wellness posters that I designed years ago, with a focus on easy means of achieving better health.

It’s awful quiet at the apartment right now, and I keep looking for her when I get home from my night shift at the grocery store, where she would get up and wait for me to take her outside.

Dogs and depression, 2018. Created by yours truly, and featuring Gypsy pug, 2005-2021

I can say without a doubt that she was perfect for Travis, and he knew that the moment we adopted her when she was three, because no one wanted an “older” dog. She saw us through his whole long illnesses, surgeries and through his multiple disabilities. There are those who often discount the psychiatric benefits of service animals. I honestly don’t want to know these people. You have access to the internet, look it up. But I am not surprised, because, by and large, our society looks down at many alternative means of maintaining mental health and mental well-being.

And, as witnessed by what has gone on over the last year and half with COVID-19, there is anti-science everywhere, unless it suits the haters. If empirical evidence is a major part of scientific research, I know what I saw and what I experienced. Service animals of every stripe can be a critical part to one’s overall healthcare, and denying anyone that is simply ableist.

My husband Travis with Gypsy pug, Wednesday, May 26, 2021. Photo by yours truly.

There will never be another Gypsy girl, and as heartbroken as we all are here, we also are grateful to her very special gifts, gifts that every dog lover knows: You get exactly what you see in a canine, and with her, it was total and unconditional love. And then she would poop on the floor. And she was still perfect.

The poster can be printed at most copy shops for around $1.50 USD each. Click on the image to open the PDF file.

Love to you all.

Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.

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