Earth Day 2050 (Free Download)

Deny it or not, some of you still aren’t offering solutions while the rest of us have to deal with the reality. #globalwarming #wildfires #groceries #drought

This is the reality of Oregon today.

We moved here 22 years ago so I could attend college. We loved it so much we stayed. One of the greatest things about Oregon was its temperate climate, with real seasons.

So much has changed between then and now. Just last month, we recorded triple-digit record breaking temperatures, which caused the deaths of approximately 120 people in just 3 1/2 days. The last three out of four summers have seen the worst wildfires the state has ever seen, destroying whole communities and displacing thousands, many of them still homeless with nothing to go back to.

Adding to this, we are currently experiencing the biggest wildfire currently in the country, the Bootleg fire, with smoke traveling all the way, 3000 miles, to New York City, blanketing the Big Apple in chokey gray skies. We are also experiencing the worst drought in over 20 years here, threatening crops and fisheries, which in turn effect the food you buy and eat. Food prices have already risen over 11% this year alone (I should know, I am an essential worker in a grocery store), and it is bound to travel even higher.

Earth Day 2050. Click on image to open/download PDF.

I am not here to attempt to change anyone’s perception. If you don’t believe in it, remember that science is telling you differently. The same science you need when you go to the doctor, use your cell phone, fill a prescription or do your taxes. It’s all the same. The one thing deniers cannot deny: it has been getting hotter, the fires have been out of control and yet these same people offer no real solutions. Until you can come to the table with answers and options, take it somewhere else. The rest of us literally have to deal with the reality of it all.

The poster can be printed at most copy shops for around $1.50 USD each. Click on the image to open the PDF file. It isn’t tabloid in size, but about 9 1/5 inches square, perfect for a smaller space.

Love to you all.

Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.

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