The Easter Egg hunt has returned.

Because I just can't do anything normal.

Welcome back one and all.

If you haven't looked around the website in a few days or longer, you will notice some major additions, updates and changes as I port over the massive number of files from my old website to the one you are on now.(Never fear, the old website addy will eventually redirect to this one.)

On an early website for Coral Mallow, I joked to her that we could put in an Easter Egg. What is that, you may ask. Easter Eggs are hidden features in primarily digital media that are meant as something fun to reward fans, and typically they reveal hidden messages or bonus content. Because you have to search for them, the phrase Easter Egg was adopted for this content. 

They have been commonplace in video games for decades, and slowly have made their way into DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Google famously has placed numerous Easter Eggs in many of their products, including this pretty awesome one for Dr. Who fans in Google Maps, which can be accessed when doing something fanboy and geeky online (because, you know, that NEVER happens) such as this lovely address:

In Google Maps Street View, on Earls Court Rd, London, United Kingdom, a TARDIS from the famous science fiction series Doctor Who is on display. Street View allows one to enter the TARDIS where it is "Bigger on the Inside" and explore the set actually used in the show, complete with 360 degree views.

Easter Eggs are not as common on websites. Because I had to be different, I decided to create a page that can only be linked by finding a hidden link in one of the many images on this site. On the page is a digital, free download of a piece of work I have created and taken out of circulation. This month, since awards season is upon us all, I have decided to bring the "Aretha Gives Away Her Grammy" poster that proved much more popular than I ever realized. 

Detail from the free downloadable poster that details why Aretha Franklin will always be the Queen, and everyone else is just a pretender to the throne. Poster, illustration and all content are from yours truly.

If you happen to find it this time around, know that I randomly will change its location from time to time. Additionally, unlike many other Easter Eggs, I do plan on changing the free content on that page every few weeks as well. Happy hunting.

Love to you all.

Ben "Bear" Brown Jr.

And, if you are wondering what Coral wanted for her Easter Egg, here you go.

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