First Ever Flash Animated Project

originally published on 16 october 2014

Q: What is black and white and red all over? Yes, back to the terrible puns and awful jokes, so I must be in my happy place.

After a few false starts and some hair pulling editing and reformatting, my first ever Flash animation is here. It is a two minute promo piece detailing my services.

 Here is the rough timeline:

Fri. 10/10: Picked up book on Flash on Friday, read a little

Sat. 10/11: Read some more, wrtoe scipt, created storyboards, basic stills in Illustrator, searched for music tracks (I have 7,000 albums in digital form, none illegally doanloaded)

Sun. 10/12: Started putting it together, searched for music tracks

Mon. 10/13: Edits, more creation, searched for music tracks

Tue. 10/14: Edits, more creation, picked a song

Wed.  10/15: Finished animation, final edits, video transfer issues

Thu. 10/16: Video transfer issues resolved, re-synched audio and uploaded.

So, this one took about a week. This is my fourth pro clip, my first in Flash. I have used three different video editing programs, two I own and one free, pretty much whatever the project called for to make this happen. It isn’t perfect, and the animation may seem a little rough in spots due to the multiple transfers and edits, but I wanted it in a format that pretty much anyone (especially iPhone and iPad users can watch, as those platforms cannot watch Flash videos well) could see without issue.

I hope you enjoy it. You can find it by clicking here.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear


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