Happy 4-20-20 (two free downloads and audio)

Oddly, every day this month has a 4-20 in it. It’s so Dylan Rainy Day Women 12 and 35. #dylan #420 #fightracism #legalizeit

Life has been kinda crappy for everyone lately. Have some fun with today’s free downloads and musical diversions. I originally designed these almost 5 years ago to support the Yes on 91 win here in Oregon, which legalized marijuana. Strangely, I haven’t smoked in years.

Why would anyone who doesn’t even smoke weed support this? Simply put:

  • It reduces the number of people in jail, which saves local and state municipalities millions of your tax dollars annually.
  • Marijuana arrests disproportionately effect the poor and communities of color the most, even though the majority of users are white and middle class.
  • In spite of much protest by local law enforcement and the far right, the world, at least here in Oregon, did not fall apart in some type of zombie/drug wasteland. In the 5 years since legalization, science, not scare tactics, have been the foundation.
  • Decriminalizing marijuana allows those who do not wish to become addicted to dangerous narcotics to make choices about their pain management that doesn’t require a prescription. (I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years in manufacturing planning. Do not even get me started on what a shell game it is.)
  • Marijuana is not a gateway drug. Alcohol is, has been legally available for centuries and is considered by the CDC to be the most dangerous drug ever known. Of course, this will fall on deaf ears to science deniers.
  • Marijuana legalization is not a “lefty” concept. The idea started in the early 1980’s by Libertarians and other conservatives as a means to save tax dollars due to the numerous incarcerations because of possession.
  • The buck stops here: legal marijuana brings in tax revenue and provides jobs, plain and simple.
  • You are legally allowed to grown your own here in Oregon, so even if you didn’t have the funds to purchase it, you could easily have it in your victory garden or next to your coleus.

Understand this: the personal is political. More than anything, I wanted my husband, who is a cancer survivor and long term AIDS survivor, to not have to worry he was going to jail simply because he wanted to reduce his pain level and stop his nausea.

So, until this is Federally decriminalized, the struggle continues. Until then, enjoy these free downloads. They can be made for about $1.50 USD at your local printer.

And, if you ever wondered where 420 came from…as the legend goes, in the Bob Dylan song “Rainy Day Women #12 and 35”, the refrain of the song is “everybody must get stoned”. 12 times 35, children of the revolution, is 420.

Love to you all.

Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.

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