The words I thought I would not be able to say in 2018.

It's been a truly off the hook last several months.

Those who know me personally know that my life since 12 May 2018 has been turned upside down. My husbear Travis a series of heart attacks, and if I had not pulled the "I have your power of attorney" card and got him to the hospital, I was told he would have died.

I haven't blogged much about this series of events here, but have on other social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. A quadruple bypass later, here we are, 2 and one half months later. After the second month, as the doctors predicted, he has been improving faster than before, literally by leaps and bounds in the just the last two weeks.

Needless to say, my days have been VERY long, being his caregiver, working a full -time job and freelancing, getting the apartment, care and storage room up to speed and cleaned up finally in a manner I have always wanted. (Travis has been sick for the last three years, so doing these things has not been easy.) Baby Boy Ron has been my rock during this time, and I can't thank him enough. No, seriously, I can't.

So, yesterday, I got to utter the words I thought I would not be able to: Happy 23rd Anniversary to Lil' Travis Bear.

And love to you all.

Daddy Ben Bear

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