Infographic Resume

One of my talents is in visual communication, so why not this?

Welcome back one and all.

Returning to this website is an item that was a huge hit the first time, and one I had not updated in over three years. It is my resume in a visual format. It prints as a tabloid sized, 4 color poster. My traditional text-only CV is still available for those who may not be ready for something this, well, different. (both can be found on the About AOS Page here.)

Why did I pick this particular layout, which kind of goes here and there and isn't completely in a linear format? I saw a meme similar to the following one many years ago, and it sums up a lot of who i am professionally.

Yes, I am certain many of you can relate. Here is the full-sized one which can be opened and downloaded in PDF format for those who want such things. Soon, this will have hyperlinks again, much like the old one. If you haven't noticed, more than a few things have changed in my skillset, so will get links in again when things are finished with my online properties.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear

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