International Jazz Day 2020 Poster and Program Info

What started out as a program to give access to those without the means to attend a Jazz program for International Jazz Day five years ago has taken a whole new meaning this year. #JazzDay #Covid19 #coltrane

Welcome back one and all.

Every month, I like to give something away. Typically, it will be an item that has been out of circulation for a while, and more often than not, it is an item that was created, never used and archived. Sometimes I just like to create something unique for all of you, simply for the joy of it.

This month’s freebie is something special: the latest in my series of International Jazz Day events for UNESCO. I am focusing on the latter period of John Coltrane during his years on impulse. For fans of my audio program, you know that I just produced a John Coltrane on Atlantic Records show for Black History Month. No other artist in the first year since I took the show “above ground” has had two programs dedicated to their work. However, Coltrane is no ordinary musician, and he is one of the most requested artists I receive mail for.

International Jazz Day 2020 poster for Ace of Spades PDX
Click on the image to open and download this free poster.

Oddly, I originally did not wish to do a program this year. In fact this is the first time in almost 5 months I have actually been on this site at all. Much of that has to do with the passing of my mother last November. It wasn’t until Amy at Jazz legend Herbie Hancock’s office (Hancock is the President of International Jazz Day) reached out to me via phone, left me a voicemail and asked if I was going to produce another program. Out of over the typically 1,000 events annually worldwide, I don’t know how I rated, but I took it as a sign.

Of course, in the time in between then and now, the coronavirus has pretty much changed EVERYTHING. I consider myself lucky: this program has always been about giving to those who might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience Jazz music for a variety of reasons by being an online-only event. I hope that all of you enjoy this program on April 30th, which will be broadcast on my sister site for podcasts,, and will also shortly after live on as a special page on this site, just like the Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald programs currently do, with my slowly adding the backlog of previously produced programs I have already broadcast.

This can be printed at most copy shops for around $1.50 USD each. Click on the image to open the PDF file.

Love to you all.

Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.

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