Is LinkedIn Becoming Facebook?

Have conservative attitudes, unconscious bias and real lack of understanding permeated the world’s most visited professional networking site, or has it always been like this and not fully addressed?

I see it often on LinkedIn, but with truly no supporting argument as to why: Is LinkedIn becoming Facebook?

I say absolutely, as so many posts and replies are negative, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, ableist, elitist and conservative. It stands in stark contrast to all of the posts about “diversity” and “inclusion” so many run their mouths about but fail to truly deliver on, action or address in terms of unconscious bias.

The same goes for several employers I have been introduced to via the jobs posting on the LinkedIn site, including one last week, where the hiring “professional” not once, but twice, put down on what she perceived as rural, uneducated and impossible to deal with people, always using female pronouns and names, mind you, that I might have to “deal” with, as they would not possess the “skill or the will”.

As an aside, I told her my mother was an immigrant to this country, a functioning illiterate, lived on a farm for many years and I taught her how to read. Let’s just say the interviewer could not wait to end the conversation.

Address the challenge now.

I left Facebook over a year and half ago because of this behavior, coupled with an ever-diminishing ROI, with my believing that the LinkedIn platform might be different. I am truly re-thinking my position on it.

If you really want to discuss, leave me a response below. I truly look forward to being engaged in serious, work-related topics that aren’t about an organizational marking or HR canned response.

Remember this, to those here focused solely on the bottom line: addressing this challenge now will save you numerous PR headaches and potential lawsuits later. If employers really want the best, then they need to step up their game, or stop bitching about how they can’t fill positions.

In one final note about how bad personal bias in in Human Resources departments, the same person I spoke about earlier who openly displayed her elitism told me that she was part of her organization’s diversity inclusion panel.

The buck has to stop somewhere, and here it is.

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