International Women’s Day 2019: Free Download

A special advert for a very special annual program celebrating the achievements of women. #IWD2019

Welcome back one and all.

Every month, I like to give something away. Typically, it will be an item that has been out of circulation for a while, and more often than not, it is an item that was created, never used and archived. Sometimes I just like to create something unique for all of you, simply for the joy of it.

This month’s free download is called Chrissie Hynde: International Women’s Day 2019. Yes, this is, in a sense, an advert for another special two-hour, commercial-free audio anthology program on this website. Tell me you don’t like it and tell me you don’t want to hear it…

08 March is International Women’s Day annually for those not in the know. This will be my third annual special program in honor of this celebration.

Click on the image to open or download this PDF. It can be printed at your local copy shop for typically between $1.50 to $2.00.

To download this free mini-poster, please click on the image to open a PDF file. If you want a larger version, drop me a line on the contact page and I will send you a larger vector file.

Love to you all and Happy International women’s Day!

Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.

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