The Mysterious Death of Tank (video) #justiceforjack

Warning: (Strong Language/Adult Content) #BDSM #Kink #Fetish #Leather

This is a follow-up story to one I published on 04 November 2018 warning people of a potentially dangerous person in the Seattle Leather scene now linked to three different deaths in the same manner.

As if the sad and tragic death of 28 year-old Jack Chapman, aka Tank, wasn’t heartbreaking enough, new and insidious wrinkles have presented themselves: 

  • Dylan Hafertepen, Tank’s master and the man also linked to two other death’s similar to Jack’s lied to Jack’s mother about the circumstances of his death.
  • Dylan asked for an autopsy of Jack and brought back the ashes to Jack’s mother. Because of this, no autopsy can be performed. Additionally, it takes three days from death to cremation, which happened to be the same amount of time Dylan didn’t disclose Jack’s death to anyone.
  • And the truly most vile thing to arise out of this death was that Jack had recently changed his will and left everything to Dylan, over $200,000 USD.
Linda Chapman holding a photo of her late son and scolding Dylan Hafertepen (out of frame) about the mysterious death of her son while in Dylan’s care.

There has also been significantly more coverage worldwide outside of the Seattle area about Jack’s mysterious death, from New York, London and Australia, among others. And of course, Dylan seems nowhere to be found, and his other subs have been notoriously quiet, given that prior to all of this, they were all more than happy to pose and engage individuals online about their lives.

Here are but three more articles detailing Jack’s death:

A new hashtag has been created to help bring the entire truth out into the open, #justiceforjack, on Twitter.

There was also a television news segment about Jack’s remains being brought back to his mother, with a video update as well.

#justiceforjack television news segment
#justiceforjack update to original  TV news segment

Lastly, there are two new Tumblr blogs (Noodles and Receipts and Bears I’m Disappointed In) dedicated to posting updates on Jack Chapman and  the relationship with his Master, Dylan Hafertepen. Letting you know right now some of it is disturbing and should send red flags to anyone who might be involved with Dylan currently. Dylan often kept several subs in training secretly, grooming them without anyone knowing about them in the greater Leather community.

Of note: Jack actually left Dylan once before, and when he did, Dylan refused to give Jack the key to his collar. Jack had to have someone else actually use bolt cutters to remove it. This is a still image from a Facebook video that details this moment.

Tank getting his collar removed after Dylan would not give him the key.

If you see this man, run the other way. He is a disgrace as a Leatherman and Master, and after all of this, you should realize that he may not have your best interests in mind. And of course, being the vain and narcissistic person that he was, Dylan has numerous images of himself all over the internet. Here is one as a reminder. 

Love to you all.

In Leather,

Daddy Ben “Bear” Brown Jr.

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