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Attempting to see if I am as clever as my clients believe I am.

So, all sorts of things have been happening on the design/digital front. I have been asked to build a brand-new website for a previous client. Taking the entire thing back to the drawing board, and assisting him with all sorts of things on the digital end that he struggled with previously.

Additionally, all sorts of new technology has presented itself, including the ability to take what we place in his inventory to his facebook page.

The new site will be one of those “seamless” pages, where pressing on a menu button will take you to a section on the front page, via a pretty groovy auto-scrolling feature. So far, the mobile is looking fabulous, but the desktop needs some work. No, this isn’t typical, as it is usually the other way around.

More details as they come up. The images you see here are images I was considering using (including the header and this month’s free download, which I repurposed), but all have informed my new direction visually a great deal.

Hoping to have all of the nuts and bolts prior to next weekend, in time for his biggest trade show appearance of the year. Wish me well.

Love to you all.

Ben “Bear” Brown Jr.

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