Finally Updated My LinkedIn Profile

This is what happens when you don't pay attention...

Welcome back one and all.

I finally went back, after the numerous site updates to the place you are at now, and cleaned up my LinkedIn profile. My oh my, what an ugly mess it was. Have trimmed down some things, added new items to my portfolio there, cleaned up a truckload of very bad weblinks and just tidied it up a bit. With classified in newspapers the worst possible way to look for a job currently, I am trying to ensure I have the right set of tools to go on a job search. I believe LinkedIn is one of them, and here's to hoping for success in the very near future.

The phone app has an awesome feature: you can apply for jobs with just the touch of a button and upload your resume just as easily. Pretty damn cool.

  • My profile can be reached here. This same information is also on this website on the About page.

Here's what it should look like, hopefully, or close to this.

Love to you all!

Ben "Bear" Brown Jr,, owner

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