Los Amigos Invisibles: Commercial and Not So Commercial #hispanicheritagemonth

Bringing music from Venezuela onto the international scene in a very big way.

Long neglected in South American countries is the music of Venezuela, which often has been cast in the very large shadow that is the Brazilian music scene. All of that changed in 2009, when a scrappy dance band won the Latin Grammy for Best Alternative Album and have received nominations again from the Latin Grammys and in the larger, more well known U.S. Grammy awards as well. The band is Los Amigos Invisibles, which translates to The Invisible Friends in English.

Formed in the early 1990’s, EMI released their debut album, A Typical and Autoctonal Venezuelan Dance Band in 1995, and they eventually signed to David Byrne’s Luka Bop label for several years. Up until the releases we are covering here, every one of their regular albums contained the word Venezuela in the title, showing off their homeland pride. Their music can best be described as summertime dance/party music, often with a element of humor and a real tongue-in-cheek attitude that have won over fans worldwide.

Los Amigos Invisbles win the Latin Grammy Best Alternative Album award, 2009, Las Vegas. (l-r): Mando (keyboards), Chulius (lead vocals), Maurimix (percussion, vocals), Catire (bass), and Cheo (guitar). (Drummer “Mamulo” is not pictured.) Photo by Judy Eddy.

The albums we are featuring here, Commercial, an LP from 2009 and an EP, Not So Commercial from 2011, find them in a groove-based style, which they have been utilizing since their Grammy wins and nominations. They are currently on tour supporting their 2017 release, El Paradise, playing in a mix of clubs and festival shows, of which they have been become a favorite due to their high energy performances.

In their review of the Commercial album, website Allmusic had this to say: “This is a killer summer album; throw it on and watch your neighbors get drunk and dance embarrassingly.” 


  • Fuerza
  • Mentiras
  • Viviré Para Ti
  • Desnudos
  • Sueño Erótico
  • Loco Por Tu Amor
  • Burrundanga
  • Plastic Woman
  • In Luv With U
  • Romántico Palman Izum
  • Como Sabes Tú
  • Merengue Killa
  • Dubi Dubi
  • Oyeme Nena
  • Dulce
  • Es La Verdad
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Not So Commercial

  • G String
  • Youlikedat
  • Corduroy
  • Easy Going
  • Dubi Dubi Dubi
  • La Lluvia Sabe Que No Andas Sola
  • Sweet
  • Criticar
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Love to you all.

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