My big, fat, heavy thing.

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originally posted 27 September 2014


For those not aware, I live across the street from a popular adult bookstore. The last supermoon of the summer was tonight, and the best shot close to my apartment was the sidewalk in front of Mr. Peeps Too, in Beaverton, OR.

 So yes, as evidenced by these photos, I got my big, fat, heavy thing out for everyone at the bookstore to see, and, using both my hands, pointed it up. These photos were taken with a small digital handheld HD camera at 1080 dpi.

Oddly, people did one of two things: stared at me as I was taking the shots, or avoided me altogether. Sadly, no even bothered to ask what I was doing or simply look up and see something so very beautiful. We often miss the little things around us.

This was also the first time I used my extender lens attachment to my 300mm lens with the hood on my digital SLR. Had previously only used it on my 35mm. From the initial roughs, it worked like a charm.

Will have a pic of the shoot sometime tomorrow.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear


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