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Mystic Productions Press

Well, after several weeks of working every single request I was given for the latest site, it is finished. It currently sits on my WordPress E-commerce hosting site, and is awaiting FTP.

Here is the site address:

Some desingers look at numerous requests and think of them as problems. I truly love the challenge of finding a solutions that not only work, but are easy to manage as well.

The initial feedback from the client: “Oh this is beautiful Ben.”

 BTW, some of my new favorite things:

  • Your creative square-image opening up to full-sized cover work-around.

  • The logos you created for keychains, etc

  • The completely unexpected event builder system

  • The idea of donating to the individual authors (I’ll have to contact them each and figure out how to manage that, but it’s worth it)

How I can thank you for all of this work, which blows me away. I’d not expected this level of complexity, and I feel so honored.”

It is messages like these that make all of the work worth it.

And for those of you who are wondering what the client’s old site looked like prior to my taking on tis project, here is a screenshot:


Love to you all.

Ben Bear

originally published 20 December 2014

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