Never Surrender to Hate

You still have a choice.

A few words today on this day of revolutionary reflection and potential action:

Today, in light of all the crap that President Darth Hater is planning at the expense of the taxpayers, I have decided not to give a rat’s ass what he or his legion of lemmings are doing.

You still have a choice.

Yes, it is a holiday, but I have decided to work with immigrants today, working toward what we do best: taking donated items that might have ended up in the landfill and repurposing them to those who want them to fund some amazing programs, including citizenship programs, ESL classes and job placement services.

I have also broadcast a brand new music show in tribute to the MC5, a band with a message we need more now than we did 50 years ago. If you need a soundtrack today that is loud, forceful, on point, focused on freedom, high energy, anti-war and anti-corruption, here is a free stream or download.

Instead of focusing on the a man who needs us to pay attention to him, I am going to work on this month’s free download art poster for you all, and more than likely, it will be focused on us, not the fascists pretending to be patriots. This piece is in honor of what this country could stand for, even though many times, especially lately, it has let us down again.

You still have a choice.

Remember the real reason for the season; it takes five seconds of decision. Be the light we all need today, take no crap from the haters, be proud of working from love, compassion and empathy, and most of all, never surrender.

Love to you all. #4thofjuly #fucktrump

Ben Brown Jr., owner

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