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To the visual designers of any stripe: why are you still only using a plain-text model to show off your mad skills? #visual design #graphicdesign #resume #CV #digitalcontent #unemployment

Welcome back one and all.

So, like almost 1/4 of the people in the workforce in the U.S., you are probably either furloughed, working from home in some capacity or both. Of course the following entered your mind: “What if I am not called back?”

Even with so-called ‘white collar” jobs (I spend more than my fair share of time on our warehouse floor, so I only qualify in title) being eliminated during the current COVID-19 pandemic, you worry that even with currently-enhanced federal unemployment benefits, you aren’t certain what the long-term outlook career-wise is.

There goes my stimulus check.

Understand you are not alone here. Even those of us, like myself, that have a standard full-time job with benefits and freelance on the side, we are feeling the pinch. Just this week, several of my co-workers have received letters from work stating that their health insurance is about to run out and they can elect to have COBRA, but it is over $550 a month regardless.

Front side, tabloid resume infographic poster. Click on image to open/download.

So much for a $1,200 stimulus check, right? Especially when we have no idea how long our quarantine will last.

If you have seen the amount of work I have been doing in the last 30 days on this site and on my sister music education site, you know I have not been binge-watching anything, but staying focused and making things happen. Even my regular employer stated in a letter last month we were free to look for new work, since they didn’t know how long this would last either.

Part of the concept for my new resume came from this image. BTW, it’s a truly excellent LP. The Spinners, 1973, courtesy of Atlantic Records. Merrill A. Roberts, Jr., photography and Loring Eutemey, album design

Well darlings, don’t hesitate. When the current backlog of unemployment claims has finally caught up, understand you will be one of many visual creators who will be looking for a better opportunity soon.

I have updated my resume to a more sleek and clean look from the previous incarnation, which was more fun. Baby Boy told me the following: “It looks like a Star Trek control panel. I just want to touch it and make the buttons do things.”

An easy way to save on paper, and no staples.

To make it even more interesting, instead of having two resumes, as I had done previously, one an infographic and the other text-only, I decided to place my two-page text CV on the back of the poster. Why this works:

  1. There is now only one piece of paper instead of three if the potential employer prints this as a double-sided tabloid.
  2. No staples or paperclips to fuss with.
  3. It can be folded in half in to a letter-sized piece of paper like a mini-folder, saving even more paper.
Back side, tabloid resume infographic poster. Click on image to open/download.

If visual work is what you do, then lead with a visual presentation. Trust me, many of those who are competing with you in the workforce are not thinking this far ahead in order to land probably the same job you are.

Good luck, happy hunting, put your most imaginative foot forward and never sell yourself short.

Love to you all.

Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.

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