Be Careful What You Wish For

Sometimes, even good things can catch you by surprise.

So, I was all ready to start a new job search this week. I love where I work (Goodwill E-Commerce), but can't afford to stay there and I'm honestly not happy I haven't been utilizing my skillset.

Then, they post a job that, I swear on my mono vinyl copy of Pet Sounds, seemed absolutely perfect. Of course, the need is immediate. How immediate? I put in my request to apply this afternoon. My interview is TOMORROW MORNING, Friday 27 July. I would start early next week.

I am at home desperately updating things on my resume and website. Of course, my internet goes down at my place. So, once I have all the files done, I am heading over to the coffee shop to upload them to my website.

Will post progress later tonight when there. This is going to be a very long but productive evening. Trying not to panic, and I am very stressed out, but I asked the universe for this.

Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes the reality of the answer will knock you into humility faster than you realize. At least Sloopy is here to help me out! 

Update at 2:28 a.m., Friday the 27th.

At the coffee shop now attempting to upload and configure files! Have a feeling I will get no sleep before my interview. I am OK with that if this works.

Love to you all.

Daddy Ben Bear

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