Oregon Leather Pride 2010 Signed Poster Contest & Giveaway

While doing some clean up in my office this afternoon, found some original, heavyweight, glossy, trimmed Oregon Leather Pride (OLP) 2010 posters. These are from the original run, never used, and in pristine (read: brand new) shape. This was the design I created for that year’s events when I was chairman of OLP, and part of the free set of posters I gave away to attendees of the Tangible Vandalism 2 show.

They are slightly larger than tabloid size, and trimmed in an unusual way as to create an optical illusion, especially when placed on a white background. They are much more beautiful than these low resolution images can illustrate.

There are 15 of these never used items.

Will sign and give away to anyone who can answer the following question:
“What is the only Beatles song to reference a comic book character, and who is it?”

You must be able to pick these up from my home in Beaverton, OR. No exceptions, as I just simply cannot afford to ship them at this time.

Good luck. Post your answers below. First fifteen get it. These are not even currently available for sale on my website. If you are wondering why, let me break it down for you:

  • This Leather Pride was the only one completely underwritten through financial grants, probably anywhere, and not not take money from pharmaceutical, alcohol, LGTBQ or tobacco sponsorships.
  • I also had the funding for the art show these were given away at underwritten in the same manner.
  • These technically belong to attendees. In order to be fair five years later, the contest was implemented, and a goofy one at that, one that anyone with internet access and a little time can easily crack.
  • I picked the theme based upon personal experience. I can’t throw a cat (not that I would want to) without hitting some self-described comic book “geek” in the community. I count my husband as one of these people.
  • I picked the Beatles as a theme item, as I listened to them often when planning, fundraising, creating media and doing outreach for this particular series of events.

This contest is being listed on multiple sites, do don’t delay.

Remember, all you need is love.

Ben Bear


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