Pharaoh Preston

A musician friend of mine came over a couple of evenings ago in the hope of obtaining some new photos for his Soundcloud account.

We all have a residual self image of how we appear to ourselves and others. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, sometimes we want to look like something else.


When photographing people, not only do I attempt to capture them during a very brief moment in time, but also to show them they are actually more dynamic than they think they are.


These photos of Pharaoh illustrate the latter concept. People on other sites have been flipping for them, as they never have seen the artists quite portrayed in this manner.


They will be more staged shots at a later date, but I felt it was important to get these done first. For the record, as scary and foreboding as the gent here looks, he is 5 feet, five inches tall and probably one of the sweetest people you would ever meet.


It’s all smoke and mirrors. Really, it is all about lighting, angles and the subject. These took about 30 minutes, and were all taken in the same shoot.


Love to you all,

Ben Bear

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