The Return of What You’re Not Listening To

After a several week hiatus, launching a brand new series from scratch.

Welcome back children of the revolution!

After four years of hard work, lots of mistakes and learning all sorts of new technical skills with books borrowed from the library, I have decided to take the show to a whole new level with BluBrry Podcast Hosting.

I will be starting the new series from scratch, but still maintaining the highest level of quality, research and sound. The best part: with Blubrry, there are loads of options on how you can listen.

This is what the cover of the podcast will look like on various web portals.

Link to it here:

It will still be on my own dime, still commercial free and I will also be storing the programs here, just like before. It was time to produce this show in a way that does the people we feature justice. By and large, there are many who don’t even know some of these artists exist. It’s time to right that wrong and celebrate their contribution to our shared history.

The Podcast Show page and archive pages have undergone a revamp as well. The link on the front page now redirects to the podcasting site directly.

Will be creating two new programs this weekend, as well as attempting to get it onto Itunes. It’s a new day people! Thank you for your continued support and requests!

Love to you all.
Ben “Bear” Brown Jr.

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