I was asked some time ago what the biggest problem with audio subscription and streaming services was. The answer is simple: for the most part, a computer algorithm is helping you to find something it thinks you want to hear based upon something else you heard. None of that is very personal, in my opinion, and can often lead to hearing the same thing over and over again.

This is a "big tent" show: Well known stars, little known or largely forgotten acts from the past, new music, hard to find items, out of print recordings, fan recordings, audio from other sources and even material never available digitally prior to being on this program with just about every audio genre is represented. If it isn't, it is just because it isn't yet...


This show has no advertising, is own my own dime, is free to all and reminiscent of shows broadcast on various college radio stations many moons ago: people who do it out of love. We broadcast about once a week; special shows may appear at any time to commemorate a very unique event or just because there is something I believe you should hear.

Questions, comments, love letters and requests can be delivered by using the button provided here. Love to you all.

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