Racism and a Father's Love

Today’s post about media is in regards to viral hate. Recently, a video about a white father calling out bullies at his daughter’s school (she is African-American and adopted) recently surfaced on the internet.  You have to see what happens next. (Warning: strong language.)

I viewed the clip for the first time last night. Not only have I been thinking twice about this, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Did you ever read the Wall Street Journal prior to their redesign? They used to have one of the best journalistic pieces ever, entitled the middle column. (link for book info http://books.simonandschuster.com/Floating-Off-the-Page/Ken-Wells/9780743226646?style=true). What they accomplished: they took one person’s story and made it an example of something happening to millions, which is practically the opposite of what I was taught in Journalism class.

For all of the talk of strained “race” relations in the United States, this clip is a small cross section of what is happening every day.

  • What we see from the children of the students involved is that HATE is a learned behavior. What we see is that xenophobia, racism and misogyny are learned behaviors.
  • What we see is a middle aged white man standing up for an underaged black girl.
  • What we see is that in spite of the millions of biological fathers who abandon their children, here is an adoptive father who truly loves and cherishes and protects his adopted daughter.
  • What we see is a lesson on how to handle bigots without resorting to violence or name calling, but simply calling them out on their bullshit.
  • What we see is a man, who instead of using a gun or a means of violence, opens himself to ridicule and viral hate and standing up for what he believes is right.
  • What we see is a man who exposes one of the real root causes of race related and gender related violence in America today. Parents are teaching their children that it is OK to defame, debase and bully other just because they are different, and that by using epithets, they make them less human, and that makes them easier to beat, shoot, bully and exclude them.

Any dick can make a baby. It takes a real man to be a father. For these reasons and more, he gets my vote for father of the year.

“The personal is political.” – Carol Hanisch

Ben Brown Jr.


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