Computer Danger! [Converted]

Random thoughts on Technology

In my opinion, any frustration with technology is illogical.

One can be frustrated with your understanding and personal utility of the technology. The technology in of itself is not the source of the frustration.

Frustration with technology assumes that the technology has the ability to amend it’s behavior to suit the person attempting to access it. What can be changed is the manner we deal with the technology.

We can either:

1. Utilize a different technology

2. Work within the constrictions of the technology or

3. Rebuild the technology.

But, in all of these instances, we have to make the change, not the technology. In every sense, you have the power, not the technology. Freud called the blaming of the issues we have with something or someone else as displacement. Something to think about.

 Love to you all.

 Ben Bear

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originally published 16 November 2014 

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