Research Suggests Series

This was part of a series published in August 2014. The posters referenced in this series will sporadically appear as free downloads on this website. Only one of the posters is displayed currently in this blog post, as I may go back and re-work some of them. 

Welcome to the Research Suggests series. A series of 5 posters of simple things we all can do to improve our health without stigma, guilt or shame.

 These can literally be used by anyone; however, they are definitely geared to persons over 45. Why? Because so many health prevention programs, for some reason, seem to believe that anyone over this age cannot or will not adapt their lifestyle to better improve their well being. So, those born in the late 1960s or earlier, this one is for you.

Each one also contains a little mind puzzle of some kind or another. You would be surprised just how smart old folks can be. Circles were chosen for one reason: research suggests that the form of a circle will be recognized by the eye before any other shape. I have my theories for this, and they all deal with biology and physics, and may return with a more detailed reason my belief behind this another time. Right now, let’s get down to the business at hand.

Our first piece features her most royal highness, Princess Gypsy Pug. The mind trick is here is in the form of an optical illusion. Try not to form the remaining shape and color of the dog in the white spaces. You will eventually fail at this: everyone will see the whole dog. Your mind fills in the blanks. Making this easier is the fact that there are repeating, but subtle, circles in the image as well.

And, for those who have been paying attention, purple was also chosen for a reason: it is the color traditionally associated with royalty, due to its rarity in times of old to obtain it as a dye. Nothing less for her majesty.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear


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