Research Suggests Series

Originally posted 23 August 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, her most royal majesty, Princess Gypsy Pug.

 Other than being the cutest thing EVER, our lady in black is part of my latest series called “Research Suggests”.

Why suggests, you may ask? For those of you who remember your college writing classes, a fact is only as good as its supporting evidence. Lest we forget, at one time, facts like a flat Earth and women as a weaker sex were prevalent and taken as universal truth.

Granted, these are extreme examples. However, they are meant to illustrate a point: what we know today as truth could be fantasy tomorrow. So, for this series, I am using data, supported by professional research, to illustrate simple things we all can do to improve our health and longevity.

Unlike so many prevention programs, this will not use guilt, stigma or shame to emphasize its message. Little things, as my mother once told me, mean a great deal. And, the little black pug pictured here, whom will be a part of the series, means a lot. Because according to psychologist Leann L. Birch, PhD, positive reinforcement of healthy behaviors is highly effective. (1)

I have identified six different areas for this project, and principle layouts and photography have already begun in earnest.

Scientific research states that each of the items I will choose are, for today, are healthy, preventative options. Tomorrow may be a different story, but then again, it always is. 

Love to you all.

 Ben Bear

 (1) http://www.apa.org/monitor/dec04/junkfood.aspx

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