Resume Facelift

I have given my resume a facelift. It is now an infographic poster.

Why even have such an unusual item? This is what I run into, and often:
I am employer XYZ. What we are looking for in a graphic designer…

  • 1. Unique
  • 2. “Out of the box”
  • 3. Trendy
  • 4. Original
  • 5. Displays skill set
  • 6. Professional.

These are common catchphrases, and so overused they should be on a dollar menu. So, in order to really stand out and illustrate what a graphic designer CAN do with something as simple, boring and basic as a resume, i created this infographic.

My favorite feature: when viewed as a PDF, hyperlinks exist in the document so that a potential employers can actually decide for themselves, before they even review my online portfolios on my websites. Yes, the plural on the last word is correct.

It is also a tabloid sized print poster as well, with crop marks and color bars. The entire thing has had all font formatting removed as well for compatibility among all computers and devices, as at times, even fonts will not embed properly in a PDF.

A recent client actually told me they almost didn’t call based upon receiving this (they had heard about my work from a mutual colleague). She thought, after seeing this, that she could not afford me. After I stopped laughing, we had a great talk over some coffee, and I ended up doing some great photography for her.

I am not saying this kind of document works for everyone, For me, it serves a more personal purpose: I am more than words on paper, and graphic design is more than words on paper.

Will keep you posted on how the success of this document.

Love to you all.

Ben “Bear” Brown Jr.

Original vector artwork by yours truly, ©2015.

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