Rogue’s Gallery Is Finally Up

At long last, the final major missing piece of this website is finally available.

Welcome back one and all.

As mentioned in a post yesterday, I had a major life upheaval earlier this year which pretty much put a great many things on hold. Well, Travis is improving by huge leaps and bounds, and after getting some basic items uploaded in time for an interview last week, I decided to spend the day at the library, listening to an upcoming set of podcasts, and have finished the Rogue's Gallery.

Visit the gallery here:

  • Hovering over an image will display it's title.
  • Clicking on some of the images will take you to a new place online.
  • Clicking on some of the images will open PDF files.
  • Often, what is show here is just one part of a set of pieces I have done for the client. Some web clients also received logo work, and some events had print materials, web materials, advertising or T-shirts.

Let me tell you, it has been strange to go back through all these old files and cherry pick some favorites. Lots of great memories, some real headaches and a whole lot relief when things went went. Pieces were chosen to represent a variety of clients/projects and illustrated good use of my skillset.

Most of all, I am reminded of absent friends.

So, raising a glass to absent friends today and breathing a huge sigh of relief that this is now completed. Some things may change here and there, so enjoy this and share with those you not only may enjoy it, but may be looking for someone who has a truly unique skill set and is dying to put it to good use.

A special thanks to Baby Boy Ron, Gypsy Pug and Lil' Bear Travis, all of whom had a hand in so many of these pieces.

Love to you all.

Daddy Ben Bear

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