Saying Goodbye to an Everyday Hero (Free Download)

File under: the things we take for granted.

Over the weekend, someone I loved and respected very much, Wendy, took her own life.

I don’t know all of the details, other than that she is no longer with us here in this reality.

Five years ago, I came across an internet post referencing how we, in general, don’t recognize the great work so many do daily without fanfare, typically with low pay and often take for granted. As a response, I created a series of posters, spotlighting someone different, in roles that should be exalted and celebrated.

My friend Wendy was one of those people.

You can have the cover of Vogue.

I could go on about how amazing she was, but I am afraid I will rabbit on so long as to bore everyone here. Another time, another post perhaps. This piece, Teaching, was for her tireless work as a speech therapist and teacher for special needs students in elementary school. Yes, obvious choice, schools of fish in the background.

When I published it, she was so excited she took a digital copy to work, and she and the other instructors printed and posted them all over. So much of what we do in media focused around big dollar results and large corporate accounts. I made people who have devoted their life to disabled children happy and made them feel valued.

Teaching – Click on image to open/download.

You can have the cover of Vogue; I’ll take this any day of the week.

It is also not lost on me that the focal point, in hindsight, is an angel fish.

The poster can be printed at most copy shops for around $1.50 USD each. Click on the image to open the PDF file.

Goodbye Wendy. I hope you are finally at peace.

Love to you all.

Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.

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