Singing Drummers (two hours of music)

A special two hour program to help inspire 13 year old Lamonica from Detroit, MI.

"I had no idea whether I could play 'em or not, but I wanted to and I was very determined... but the band director said 'That's not really normal.' Of course, all you have to tell me is that something's not normal and I'll go for it!" – Karen Carpenter on drumming.

This program comes by special request of Christine of Detroit, MI. She wanted a program to illustrate and empower her 13 year old daughter, Lamonica, that her possible dream of becoming a singing drummer is something attainable. 

This show is recorded as a musical educational program that directly speaks to our 13 year old student. The rest of you are more than welcome to listen in, but understand that this show is attempting to empower a young woman in a manner that many, if not most, music podcasts fail to address. 

Not only is it attainable, some singing drummers have gone on to create some of the most important and groundbreaking popular music over the last 50 years. Yes, a signing drummer is a truly unique concept. There aren't that many who choose such as path, but understand, dear Lamonica, that is something to be proud of, not feel intimidated by. I hope you enjoy listening to this show as much as I did putting it together for you. 

Sheila E., photographer unknown, 2016. Courtesy of 

The only thing stopping you is you, Lamonica. Like the Isley Brothers said way back in 1969, "It's your thing/do what you wanna do/I can't tell you/who to sock it to."

Our tracks this week: Title, Artist, Singing Drummer

First Hour
First Part
1. Photograph, Ringo Starr, Ringo Starr
2. Porpoise Song (Theme from Head), The Monkees, Mickey Dolenz
3. Am I Wrong?, Anderson .Pakk, Anderson .Pakk
4. We're an American Band, Grand Funk Railroad, Don Brewer

First Hour
Second Part

5. All My Life, The Carpenters, Karen Carpenter
6. December 1963 (Oh What a Night), The Four Seasons, Gerry Polci
7. Those Shoes, The Eagles, Don Henley
8. Them Changes, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles

First Hour
Third Part

9. I'll Stick Around, Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl
10. I'm In Love With My Car, Queen, Roger Taylor
11. The Weight, The Band, Levon Helm

First Hour
12. The Glamorous Life, Sheila E., Sheila E.

To download this program, please click this link. 

Second Hour

First Part
1. Superstition, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Wonder
2. Masochism World, Husker Du, Grant Hart
3. Sister Christian, Night Ranger, Kelly Keagy
4. I'm Sticking With You, The Velvet Underground, Maureen Tucker
5. Just a Job to Do, Genesis, Phil Collins

Second Hour
Second Part

6. Get Ready (live, full length album version), Rare Earth, Peter Rivera

Second Hour
7. Black Diamond (live), KISS, Peter Criss
8.  Drum Solo/Young and Wasted (live), KISS, Eric Carr

To download this program, please click this link. 

Love to you all.

Ben "Bear" Brown Jr., owner
Ace of Spades PDX

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