Social Media Video Editing Challenges (with video)

Upgrading my skill set, and the learning curve is high.

Been working in Adobe Premier for weeks now, finally getting my groove. Output settings are critical. Done in H.264, 720dpi video setting with in a 700×700 square designed specifically for cell phones and social media feeds. (H.264 is the output needed for most cell phones, which will save you time and headaches later from having to convert file formats later.)

Prior to this, I had been working in other programs geared toward the layman and not the serious professional. They work well, by and large, for what they offer, but believed I needed to step up my game.

Still from the promo clip, originally from the MGM musical Summer Stock, 1950. Directed by Charles Walters. Courtesy of Warner Brothers.

I also purposely keep the clips very short, typically 15-30 seconds, because scrolling through feeds and having to “wait for the punchline”, so to speak, is a huge turn off for many.

These new video promos have dramatically increased traffic to my weekly free audio education and anthology program. Boosted the sound slightly, added additional applause and a fade out at the end in Adobe Audition.

Typography and copy should work WITH the video, not against it.

Still a way to go, since the learning curve is steep, but finding it pretty wonderful. The hardest part was finding the right clip to work (in the case of archival material) with or creating one from scratch (which currently is my M.O.) can be the most challenging, as you have to compete with a great deal of distraction from other sources online. In this instance, I went with energy and fun, and a real attention-getter.

The finished clip: short, punchy and something you normally would not see in your social media feeds.

Using my graphic design skill set, did non-obtrusive typography that looked classy and simple to get the point across quickly and work with the video, not against it. Editing the body copy was critical, as I wanted it to flow with the images and sound without distracting from them. Even the colors of the copy were chosen based on the background of the video to give a sense of unity.

Love to you all. BTW, this show will broadcast during the month of June 2020.

Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.

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